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When can I sign up?

Because we cover large areas in multiple counties, our fiber build-out plan includes many phases. Funding requirements can determine the timing of fiber installation in certain areas. We've already built our network in several areas, so make sure you register or call to confirm if we can serve you now!

How it works

We encourage you to register above, whether you are a member-owner in Roanoke Electric’s service area or live in a nearby community. The more supporters we have, the more likely we are to bring internet to your area. We may already have internet where you live.

Encourage your friends and neighbors to sign up, too! By signing up, you show us you are interested in a better internet experience.

Why are we doing this?

Roanoke Connect is about more than broadband

internet. Roanoke Connect powers smart technology to

meet your energy efficiency and internet connection needs. We want to bring fast, reliable, and affordable internet service to the residents of rural North Carolina.

What is fiber?

Fiber is the fastest and most reliable internet available. It’s better than cable, cellular or satellite. Here’s why: A single strand of fiber optic cable can carry large amount of data and that means fast speeds. Fiber isn’t shared with your neighbors like cable internet, and we don’t slow you down when you’ve used all your data for the month like cellular plans do. Fiber internet offers low latency unlike satellite internet, that means a reliable connection for you. Roanoke Connect fiber internet is fast, reliable, and unlimited. It’s the connection you need now and in the future. All provided by a company you know and trust, with roots in the North Carolina communities where you live. 

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