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Segment 5 Activation Means More Installations Can Occur

12:40PM February 14, 2019

Network now has 12 live segments

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Another Segment of Roanoke Connect's Network Is Operational

11:59AM February 08, 2019

Lewiston Woodville installations can begin

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Roanoke Connect Activates Its Largest Segment

3:32PM January 14, 2019

Segment 25 is up and running

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Segment 21 Live and Ready for Installation Scheduling

7:08PM December 08, 2018

Smart Grid technology helps subscribers save money during cold weather

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Two More Segments Expected to Go Live in Coming Weeks

1:40PM November 15, 2018

Segments 25 and 21 are progressing well

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Another Segment Added as Broadband Network Shows Its Robustness

3:16PM October 12, 2018

Virtually no downtime during recent storms

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Network Expansion Continues Despite Hurricane Florence

4:14PM September 28, 2018

Seven segments live and ready for installation scheduling

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Two New Segments Are On-Line; More to Come

12:46PM August 30, 2018

The latest status of Roanoke Connect's broadband Internet service

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We're Making Good Headway to Get You Connected

10:20AM July 12, 2018

Update on Roanoke Connect's broadband Internet service

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Wow, what response!

2:31PM September 22, 2016

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